Saturday, August 6, 2022

Writing Prompts and a Manicured Life

A small group of us have been meeting at the bookstore twice a month for several months. We pray together. We read our work and critique. We share good books and information about writing, the writing process and upcoming events. For those of us without a manuscript in process, we read from "writing prompts". They are fun and they help us to stay in the writing mode between projects and oftentimes, they are quite moving. We are learning about one another and about writing style and about direction. For example, one week we were prompted: I started to write the truth...

I started to write the truth about my life but my neighbor's truth seems so much prettier. Our yards alone tell the difference between a well-put-together life and one that is simply the beginning of many projects. Their trees are meticulously mulched around the bases while ours sprout unsightly, random vines. Their gardens are tended with the perfect mix of annuals and perennials and dark green shrubs, while ours have a slight buzz cut from a skimming by the weed eater. Even their driveway is groomed with a trench along each side making a clear runway from the street to a garage for cars and bikes and tricycles. The cracks in our pavement where weeds have been doused with gasoline cause the kids to serpentine as they ride from the street to a garage too full to enter. Bikes and tricycles must be moved to get the cars into their parking spots outside where the hot sun has faded the roof of our truck. 

You get the idea. It's fun. You should try it! It's great to help hold on to memories or to create new ideas or just to practice writing with our own voice and style. Several times I've read and people have commented that I'm funny. Who knew? I think that can be very helpful for my future writing. Have you ever used a writing prompt and discovered something great you can use later? Has it helped to polish your work or even manicure your life?

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