Thursday, April 28, 2016


With the launch of my new book "Talking to God" I have had many questions about the book but the one that I had to think about most is "Why another book on prayer?" Why did I write another prayer book and why is it different from the stack of others on the table next to my bed? I knew as I was writing this small prayer book that I wanted something that would slip into a purse or fit in a console and still be packed with prayers for many ages and the many stages of life that women experience. With input from my mother and my daughters, this handy book includes prayers for women who stay at home or work, women who attend school, who are married or single, young or old, with children or without, to Mary and from Scripture and the Saints both traditional and original. But most of all, this little book is all about talking to God who, no matter what we do or how we feel, understands and listens and loves us through all of life's joyful and sorrowful moments.

In my morning reading of "The Way of Trust and Love"  I found it no coincidence that Fr. Philippe says, "sometimes we lose a taste for prayer. What does that trial mean? It is a call to continue praying all the same, because we don't pray just because we enjoy it or experience satisfaction, but first and foremost to please God. When we find great pleasure in it, that's fine, but when prayer is difficult, we need to keep going just the same! (And this is why Talking to God - to help us to 'keep going' when we cannot find the words or are too sick or tired to express them) That purifies our love for God, which becomes freer, more disinterested, more genuine, and not just a selfish search for ourselves."

Fr. Philippe hits the nail on the head! We need these books of prayer so that we can keep praying when we cannot find our own words. We need prayer to "purify our love for God", to please Him especially when it is most difficult to pray but also when we find joy in it.

Can I get an "Amen"?!

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