Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Smell of Fresh Lumber, the Fresh Smell of a New Book

The smell of fresh lumber is almost as exciting as the smell of a new book. Both open new opportunities and new adventures. Both can offer something to build upon in our lives. Both offer the opportunity for work, whether on our homes or our businesses or our lives. I love the chance to renew and refresh different parts of our house or our business. And, I love to find just the right books to refresh and renew different parts of myself. After reading a great title, don't we all just love to recommend it to our family and friends so that they can get the same feeling we have received? Building...physically, psychologically, spiritually...building one another up, especially those who have been torn down, that's really what we'd like to pass on to one another. I am reading Fr. Jacques Philippe's The Way of Trust and Love among others and building bookshelves, with the help of my sister, to put all these wonderful titles in as I finish them. Hopefully, I'm building up more than that with my children and reading good books always helps with that task.What about it? Building something? Reading a good book you'd like to share?

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