Thursday, March 3, 2016

New Bookshelves, New Book

I just love to renovate! Well I love to tear things out so that someone (my sister) can come rebuild them bigger, better and as I imagine. We are cutting this bathroom closet in half. It is very deep and my office is on the other side so I imagined built-in bookcases and guess what? Donna said YES. I started the demolition last night, exposing the electrical and tearing out the carpet so we can see what we're working with here. I say we, but I mean she...honestly.

I am excited about having new bookcases. Right now my office is halfway done from last summer with a small bookcase, leaving the rest of my books in the closet of my previous office. I like to have all those books surrounding me to give me strength as I write. All those great authors in one room, staring at me as I squeeze any bit of knowledge I have from my brain. And, speaking of writing, my new book, Talking to God: Prayers for Catholic Women will be released next month and I am very excited! This prayer book includes prayers for many situations in the lives of women, whether married or single, young or old, along with traditional prayers and quotes from many of the wonderful books which fill my bookcases. There are incredible Catholic classics, such as, Imitation of Christ, My Other Self, the Bible, He Leadeth Me and the Practice of the Presence of God and authors, such as, Mother Teresa, St. Francis de Sales, Henri Nouwen and St. Therese that help us contemplate prayer more deeply. Anyway, hopefully this new little book will not only help women in their prayer life but also their choices for further reading in the spiritual life. I guess I can relate the closet renovation and the prayer life renovation, cleaning out, using what we are given more efficiently, making time and space for great words of wisdom, enhancing, bettering, renewing.

What about it? Renovated lately? What's new?

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