Thursday, January 28, 2016

Flinging Seeds - Yesterday's Gospel for Today

"Hear this! A sower went out to sow." 
Mark 4:1
First and foremost, we have to love that Jesus is speaking to a crowd so large that he has to get into a boat and push out from the shore in order to teach the entire group. And, he starts with the word "Hear". We have listened to this parable many times throughout the years but today, we are asked to truly "hear" the message. Fr. Mark spoke to a large crowd himself because the mass included the school children and he taught about the seeds in our lives. He taught about the seeds of goodness and of kindness and of mercy. He described the sower as a man "flinging seeds" all over the place. A man not too worried at the moment of where the seed landed but more concerned with covering a large territory. It was easy to imagine. A man with a large bag flung across his shoulder, continually reaching, spilling, flinging seed everywhere, lightening his own load as he walked, as he delivered, as he spread...the word. The thought was offered that we too should fling seed...the word. There are, oftentimes, crowds around us; some with lives not too stable, (on rocky ground), some living merely on the surface, (with no roots), and some fully nourished (open to receive). Jesus challenges us to keep flinging the seed. We are not to judge the condition of the receiver. We are asked to do the task, to complete the mission, to "hear" and to "go and do the same". Do we fling seeds not worrying about the outcome, or consequence? Do we "hear"? Do we "sow"? And from time to time, do we push away from the shore so as to get a clearer perspective, from all that is pressing in on us?

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