Wednesday, September 2, 2015


This week is Freshman - Senior week at my daughter's school and as a Senior she has been working for two weeks on putting gifts together for her Freshman to discover each morning as she arrives at school. The Seniors send the Freshmen notes the week before and ask about all their favorite things, ya know, a way to get to know them better, their likes and dislikes. This way, as they send gifts throughout this week, they send something that they know the girls would truly enjoy. I wish I could share all the awesome things that my Senior has put together but that may reveal her name and I would not want to blow the surprise before Friday.

The point here is that I so clearly see my daughter's joy in gifting her Freshman with "things" that she knows will make her happy. She cannot wait each day to catch a glimpse of an expression or to hear from another Senior about her Freshman's reaction. She truly wants to give gifts that matter, that make a difference, that make her glad they share the same school and that she can use and will use in her day. She could just randomly give her a lot of stuff, but the fun in giving great gifts is seeing that they make the receiver's life a little better or a lot better. And aren't we all like that...really. Don't we love to work hard to find the gift that truly satisfies. Don't we all like the people who receive our gifts to feel special.

Imagine being the giver of the greatest gifts in the world, the giver of life and of love and of all that those things entail. Imagine how Jesus feels when He sees us actually using all the gifts that He has bestowed on His children. Imagine how pleased He is when He sees our joy in the gifts we receive. Jesus does not want to give us gifts that we put in a drawer and never use and this is also true for the gifts that the Church gives us. The Church gives us the great gifts of the Sacramentals because she knows that by our use of these gifts we will have life-changing experiences. She knows that these tangible gifts will enhance our spiritual lives and bring us closer to Jesus and to His Mother.

This month I hope that you will join me in using these beautiful gifts to strengthen our faith. Let's dust off the image of Our Lady and the shoulders of Christ hanging on the cross and really view them each day as reminders of love. Let's think about all the "things" the church has given us and let's put them to use this month during #SacramentalSeptember.

Today, we start with the most simple, most natural Sacramental; the Sign of the Cross.

In the Name of the Father, use my mind to bring you honor.
And of the Son, fill my heart to spread your word.
And of the Holy Spirit, strengthen me to carry you out to all the world.

"Slow down as you make the sign of the cross. Intentionally purify your mind and your heart, and ask God to strengthen you to carry his love to the world." Amazing Graces

Just as my senior, I would love to get a glimpse of the expressions on all who receive and use these great gifts of our Church. I know they will increase our faith. I know they will bring happiness. I know that when used regularly, they can change our spiritual lives.

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