Monday, March 16, 2015

Is Jesus Just Our Problem Solver?

Lucky to be in Naples, FL with my parents and 3 of my children and 1 of their friends and for today, my niece, Lisa, and my sister. Mass this morning at St. William's Catholic Church was half packed as usual because there are a million Catholics down here. Living in Nashville, I am always surprised when I come to a place where there are that many people in a daily Mass and there are several Masses per day. Anyway, the point here is what the priest left us with in his homily. He simply asked, "Is Jesus just our problem solver?"
Of course, I had to laugh because the woman behind me turned to her husband and said, "Well that's a real thinker." To which her husband responded, "Huh! I can't hear you." Oh well, I agree. Something to think about.

Is Jesus just our problem solver?

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Blank Page

Inside every writer is the excitement of the blank page. I know that it can be stressful but at the same time it holds so much potential and mystery. Waiting to fill the void when one truly has something to say can oftentimes seem to last a lifetime. As we wait, our minds churn, the gears grind and squeak and days turn to weeks and weeks to months. Then, one day, suddenly, the page begins to fill with long awaited words and momentum builds as there are more and more words moving across page after page. Granted, those words may never be used for anything. Those words may be crumpled into a heap with thousands of other words. But then, the excitement of the blank page begins all over again. The potential. The mystery. The hard work. Thoughts. Ideas. Words. Peace. Blessings. And, the writer is simply glad to be writing again.

Watch for my new book. Coming in April...