Monday, October 6, 2014

St. Margaret Church - Maggie Valley, NC

Each year at this time I travel to the hills of North Carolina and set up an entire store for the priest of the Diocese of North Carolina while they are on retreat in Maggie Valley at the Living Waters Retreat Center. I set up yesterday for about 4 hours and finished this morning in time to go to mass at St. Margaret's Church on the hill behind the Retreat Center. There were 8 of us including the priest and the deacon. Father read directly from the Magnificat for the beginning and for part of the homily. I can not say enough about the full reverence of the Sacrifice of the Mass despite the small crowd. Of course, size should not matter. We said some extra prayers after the homily and at the end of Mass. Prayers needed in our world. Prayers for peace and justice and safety. As the priest served Communion, of course, he personalized each offering except for me. I thought it beautiful, communal. If you look closely at the top area of the picture, you can see Christ crucified.
Outside, as I was going to the van, I snapped this -
That's what I'm stuck with for the week. I do love this place but by tomorrow I'll be missing my kids like crazy. So great for a couple of days, then so miserable for the rest. Oh well, the area is amazing and I just wanted to share, not whine. I'll head back home Thursday. Usually by now the leaves are turning. Soon. God Bless our priests especially in areas like this where there are so many small mission churches, or so it seems.

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