Thursday, August 8, 2013

Have You Heard of Planes?

The question I have gotten most this week since my daughters and I have been back from our trip is, "Have you heard of planes?" Well, of course we have and believe me I thought about them a lot while I was driving the 5400 miles to Sante Fe, NM to San Francisco, CA and back. But, where is the sense of adventure? Where are the random stops? Where is the further understanding of our great Country? Here is a brief overview of what it looks like to drive instead of fly to CA:


Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi
Santa Fe, NM

Loreto Chapel, Santa Fe
Miraculous Staircase

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Santa Fe
Oldest Guadalupe Church in U.S.

Prayers for those not with us

Grand Canyon
Pouring Sleet, Clear in 10 Minutes
Happy Birthday to me

Right in the town


Our Lady of Peace
Santa Clara, CA

San Francisco
Crossing a foggy Golden Gate Bridge

Happened in Buck's to eat
Driving down the coast
Woodside, CA

Carmel by the Sea

Los Angeles, CA

Wax Museum

Central Perk
Warner Brothers

Leaving CA

Santa Rosa, NM

A little lunch on Route 66

One Last Stop 
National Shrine of the Infant of Prague
Prague, OK

One last pause

And, back to reality. If you lasted to the end of all of these pictures, I hope we didn't bore you and I hope we've given you a little glance of our adventure. Oh the stories we can tell! It was truly a trip to remember.

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