Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Power of Prayer

You may or may not know that I am headed West in my wagon (Ford Flex) with two of my six children to visit Mary. I am at the end of writing a book on Marian Shrines and am going to Santa Fe to visit the Chapel of Loretto and to Santa Clara to visit Our Lady of Peace Shrine. I'll share pics!

I include this in my hand-me-downs because many, many years ago I made this trip out west with my parents and my 5 brothers and 2 sisters and my grandmother in a station wagon pulling a pop-up camper. Oh the stories that still go 'round about that trip! Of course the wagon back then required no seat belts and the back seat faced backwards and there was a tiny sliver between the way back and back seat that I could ride in and not be "touched" by any of the others. My wagon is a little different but the sense of adventure is just as exciting.When my dad asked me Sunday if I was gonna drive the entire trip with no help, I simply asked, "Did you drive the entire trip when we went to California as a family?" "Yes." "Then...yes, sir."

As we drove through Arkansas yesterday, a horrible hail storm started that truly scared us. Cars were pulling off and it sounded like the front windshield was going to bust. My daughter checked and said, "Mom, it recommends we pull off so we don't hurt the car." Seemed too late for that with the size hail that was pelting us but I pulled over and crept down the side of the road with the others. Suddenly, I started praying the Hail Mary out loud. One daughter turned to the other and said, "I could hear you too. I was doing the same thing." I moved back on the street despite the abuse of the ice and continued the automatic prayer to Our Lady. By the third Hail Mary, the sky was "clear as a bell" and we were moving on toward New Mexico. We all commented on how quickly the prayers worked and how quickly we went to Jesus and Our Lady for help. We feared the shape of the exterior but when we stopped for gas and checked, there was not a scratch or a dent to be seen. "Even the roof looks fine."

Thank you to my parents for passing on the Power of Prayer and the sense of adventure!


  1. Thank God you are safe! The Chapel of the Sisters of Loreto is lovely, more about St. Joseph, than Mary, but still lovely!

    There is a parish in Albuquerque, (either St. Bernadette or Our Lady of Lourdes) that has a depiction of the Grotto at Massabiele where Our Lady appeared to St. Bernadette).

    Have fun!

  2. Thanks be to God you and your family are safe! In moments like that, God wants us to do what you did. He wants us to pray. And If we truly mean it, he will answer our petition. Have a great trip!