Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Into the Desert - Me and Moses

I find it slightly more than just a coincidence that all day yesterday I led the children of Cragon through the desert areas of Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico to arrive last night in Santa Fe. There was not a lot of grumbling until the warning alarm went off that we were almost out of gas and there were no stations in sight. Actually, nothing in sight. No places for food or water or gas were on any sign we came across mile after mile. I was on edge, as I am sure Moses was, as I was constantly reminded that we had just left a perfectly good place where we could have had everything we needed. Where was my plan? What were we to do? Like the children of Israel, the children of Cragon did not like what I had dragged them in to.  The promises of a good time and an adventure were turning to fear. Then I heard one say, "You're praying again aren't you?" "Yes." And again, over the horizon, prayers were answered and Philip 66 appeared to save the day and he just happened to be partnered with DQ, the Queen. Tension was relieved, smiles and laughter returned and we journeyed on toward the beautiful land of Santa Fe. And, we're fillin' up at a 1/4th of a tank from now on. (Have Faith but don't be stupid.)

Today I reflect on the times in my life when I have felt completely alone, starving for something or someone to rescue me from what basically I find to be my own self pity. I have crawled to a place where I am dry. I have moved away from the very One who can make it all right. I have lost Trust. Faith. And still, He returns time after time to pull me up by the boot straps and shake me into reality. I am human. I will have days in the desert. I will experience fear and loneliness and sorrow. But, the manna and the quail will rain down. I just have to Trust and to have Faith and to ASK. Again and again and again with the reminder of the Power of Prayer.

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