Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sensitivity, May Crownings, Graduations, Kids

I do not consider myself a very sensitive person. Don't really know why. Just am a little gruff around the edges. I consider myself a little tough. I feel I have been handed down that bit of strength for generations. Of course there is being a strong woman and being a sensitive woman and so many women in my world are both, but me, hmmm, not so much. However, there are certain things that just bring me to tears and this being the month of May, of Mary, it's "cryin' time again". This month I have a child graduating from college and a child graduating from high school. Both will make me cry. I went to May crowning yesterday at the grade school and I cried. Gets me every time...the songs, the 13 year old girls placing roses in front of Mary and the boys removing their boutineers and placing them at her feet, the second grade and eight grade court, the crowning and praying her rosary in community. And, I get to do it all again in about an hour at the High School. 

Then, there's our children. Sometimes, they just catch me off guard. I had my 11 year old daughter request a new pair of shoes this week. I told her I had no problem getting her a new pair of shoes. (She's used to hand me downs.) Then, long about 10 pm, past her bedtime, she crawled up on the pillow next to mine and asked, "Ya wanna know why I want new shoes?" "Yes." This 11 year old, crazy, fun, over the top goofy child of mine told me this... A girl in her class was made fun of for the shoes she was wearing so she stopped wearing them. My daughter thought that if she bought the exact same shoes and started wearing them, the other girl could wear her shoes too without the teasing or if there was teasing, somehow, with numbers, it wouldn't matter. I could not help but tear up. What a sweet gesture! 
So, I've been thinking that there is a difference between being strong or tough and being sensitive. There's a place for all of the feelings God has bestowed on us. And for this Month, sensitivity is in this place.

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