Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ascension Thursday

On this beautiful Ascension Thursday I cannot help but ponder the words of our priest this week and connect them to our lives. He mentioned that while journeying with a group of ministers, one opened a discussion with, "If we could just not hurt one another." I have thought about that a lot this week with all that is going on in our world and even in my own house among siblings on a daily basis. Oh, I know we have a perfect family and my children would never, ever hurt one another and yet... Fr. went on to say that we as Catholics believe that Jesus' message is so much more than "just not hurting one another". As He comes to us in the Eucharist each day, we are capable of so much more. His message is "love one another". It is not enough to just not hurt. Jesus came to earth to teach us, to show us how to love one another. He ascends into Heaven and He sends His Spirit to us so that we can continue to teach and to preach, "love one another". And I cannot help but imagine each of us, taking a deep breath, "breathing in the Spirit" so that we have the grace to not only "not hurt" but to love. Passed down from my mom is the suggestion to count to ten before responding, before reacting, especially if we are angry. Count. Take that deep breath and as the Spirit comes to each of us, maybe we will stop the hurting and fulfill the Father's Commandment to love one another.

Just a note from housekeeping. I added a couple of interviews on my sidebar. The one on Mary is a project I am currently working on that I hope many will enjoy especially during this Month of Our Lady.

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