Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lives of the Saints

I love reading and writing about the lives of the Saints, those men and women who have gone before us, examples of incredible faith, giving themselves completely to Christ. To me, their stories are inspiring no matter how simple or how grand. As I have said before, I believe they intercede for us. They've been here. They get us. They understand. Many overcame tremendous difficulties, many turned their lives around completely and many have changed lives.

The bookstore is in it's busiest time of the year. Communions, Confirmations, Graduations, Easter, RCIA, and Weddings keep us running up and down those four flights pretty much all day. I venture down from the office many times during the day to check inventory for reordering or to fill orders phoned in or pulled from the website or just to check and make sure the customers are served. Yesterday, much to my delight, I happened upon a woman in the basement looking for "the medal of a woman saint who her mother used to pin to her pillow when she was sick". I know right now that all readers are trying to guess, Rita?, Agnes?,  Lucy?, Anne? Well, I went with the Miraculous Medal and explained a little of the story of Catherine Laboure. The woman's daughter was in a stroller and kept screaming out jibberish amongst the word mommy so we walked closer to her and that's when the story began.

"You know, it's funny how having children makes you remember the things your mother used to say and do when you were young. I remember my mom pinning some medal to our pillows but I cannot remember the saint. I am going to definitely get this Miraculous Medal and this medal of St. Nicholas. When my mother was pregnant with me, she got sick and had to be put to bed. I was delivered very early and with me, my brother who was still born. My mother felt like it was something she had done or not done that made my brother die until, in a dream, St. Nicholas came to her and told her that she would get my brother back. Soon after the dream she became pregnant with my younger brother. She named him Nicholas. You know, he is the patron saint of children." "Yes ma'am, I know." "My mother is not alive to tell me who the saint was but little by little I remember the things she did and I want to do them too.Thank you for your help." "Oh no, thank you."

People who have gone before us... Tell the stories. Ask for intercession. Pass on the traditions. Spread faith.

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