Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lay Down Our Lives

"The way we came to know love was that He laid down His life for us; so we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers." 1Jn 3:16

Last night's evening meditation including the above words from John. While contemplating this "we ought to," I seriously thought "but I'm not ready to give my life" and He responded, "you don't have to die" as in leave the world. I want you to die to self. I want you to little by little, bit by bit, every day, think of someone besides yourself, before yourself.
Ya know I've said it before and I'll say it again, when I realized that the world did not revolve around me, when I discovered that it all is just not about me, I was bummed. I like attention. I like to have the room laughing. I love to embellish a good story that makes everyone turn their heads. But somewhere along my journey, I found out, was told, that my life should be about loving and serving others, thus loving and serving Christ. Well, heck. And so I read, lay down my life and I hear, set aside yourself, your day, this minute and let it be about that kid who forgot to get her homework until it was time for bed. But, I'm tired and I've been to school. Let it be about that one who needs a ride when I have so much to do. But, I have to be elsewhere and yet what, who is more important than that one in need. The store is packed and in walks William and he says he needs a motorcycle or a car, a Buick LaSabre to be precise. But, we know, that what William really needs, what he comes in the door for, is our attention. Gracie goes to get him a coke and he always asks, "What else ya have?" "Peanut butter and crackers?" "No thanks." Just the coke...and the time spent standing in the midst of the store, of the people, of the normal, off the street.
This passage is difficult. We are asked to lay aside our own life for others-our time, our needs. Do we have to? Do we have to give? Give up? Can we ask for small projects, the less needy. the easy way? Really? For today, we ask for the grace to lay it down, to set ourselves aside...for our brothers.

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  1. You are right, Julie. It is hard to get past the "I" in our conversations and thoughts, and get our mind and actions on others. We know about"Love Your Neighbor," but we focus on the "I should" implied part of that commandment. It's hard to be humble, but that's where it starts.

    Don't know about your plans for this weekend, but I will spend tonight in the adoration chapel, reading (among other things) Contemplative Provocations, by Fr. Donald Haggerty. If you haven't read it --- while sitting in an adoration chapel --- it is a very well done book.