Friday, February 15, 2013

Diocesan Teacher's Meeting

Today I am sitting at a table of books for sale by a speaker, Jim Grant, for the Diocesan Teacher's Meeting. I take our store wherever we are needed and I always get something more from those who attend.
As I stood at Mass this morning with this huge crowd of our children' mentors, I was moved as I peered around the room. Ya see, I was saying, "and I ask blessed Mary ever-Virgin, all the Angels and Saints, and you, (and as I did, I scanned the crowd with a slight nod) my brothers and sisters, to pray for me to the Lord our God." What a request! I say it most every day in my neighborhood Chapel or Church and I recognize most all of whom I ask, but this morning, I only recognized a quarter of the room. Okay, maybe a little more. And, in return, they asked me to pray for them. What a task!
We are the Church. We are here for one another in good times and in bad. We are a community of Faith who are asked to pray for each other. Within the order of the Mass, we voice that request. I have so often taken those words for granted; so often not even thought about what I have been praying for years. But, today, they move me. These teachers, their dedication to our children and to our Church, move me.
Today, as we confess our faults and as others confess theirs, know that we are prayed for, by our Mother, by the Angels and the Saints, and by our brothers and sisters in Faith.
God Bless Our Teachers and School Administrators. God Bless the Church. God Bless our Country.

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