Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dry Runs

I truly believe that if we pay close enough attention we can learn all the "things" we need to live this life to the fullest from those who have gone before us. Starting with the lessons we learn from Adam and Eve about listening to and obeying God and moving on to the trust of David and the commitment of the disciples, and coming more to the present lessons we learn as children from our parents and our grandparents and the examples of our siblings, we have all we need to live a life of love. The meditation in Magnificat for Monday by Fr. Jean-Nicolas Grou started me thinking about the "dry run" on this earth of our life in heaven. Speaking of giving ourselves to God and living a life of love, he says, "But what do I desire upon earth, if I do not aspire to this life of love? Is it not to such a life that I am called in heaven? This life will be my bliss: is it not the only object of my desires? And do I not wish to begin it here below?"

This weekend my freshman daughter enjoyed her first High School dance. She had arranged with a friend to get dressed at her house and have her mom drive and have me pick them up. This would obviously mean that I would not see her before the dance. Much to our surprise, my oldest daughter drove two hours Friday night to have a dry run with her sister. They worked together on hair and make-up and jewelry. They talked and laughed and planned their manicures for the next morning. It was nice to get to see my daughter so beautifully put together. Her sister even showed her how to put on her date's corsage before heading back home for a cocktail party herself. We were so grateful. (I'm not really very good at all that stuff)

As the saying goes, "Practice makes perfect." My daughter receiving help from her older sister made the actual day of her first dance so much less stressful and so much more fun. Our life on this earth, the lessons learned from those who have gone before us, can make our days so much less stressful and so much better. Our life of love for one another, can it not be our beginning for a life in eternity of so much more? May each day be our "dry one" of a better tomorrow. May our life of love, of giving ourselves more fully to God, bring us joy and happiness and lead us to the object of our desires, to that life that will be our bliss, to a life we are called to in heaven.

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