Thursday, January 10, 2013

As Usual...It's Right in Front of My Face

God has a way of giving us all we need if we just trust in Him, pray, listen, believe. For me, when I need an answer to something "going on" whether I realize I need the answer or not, He seems to print things out for me plain and clear. I can take this many ways but to me it's this simple, I need answers to be written out for me and put right in front of my face.
This morning, I was bemoaning the fact that I had a difficult day at work yesterday, came home to a dinner where all that was left was ham and mac and cheese when the kids ate ham, mac and cheese, broccoli and rolls and I had to clean the pots and pans. I whined and ate a bowl of cereal. Big Baby.
I am reading an awesome, awesome book by Colleen Carroll Campbell, My Sisters The Saints. Did I mention that it is awesome? Anyway, so I am still a little worked up this morning about my bad yesterday and I proceed to read this: The reference is to a "woman's maternal gift going awry" and "when this happens, the generous, selfless mother (wishful) becomes the controlling matriarch with a martyr complex whom no one can please." (And there's much more.)  "Edith (Stein) suggests two remedies for a woman who finds herself falling into this trap. The first...thoroughly objective work...sweeping...researching a term paper. Such work forces a woman to submit to laws outside herself, helps her escape her obsessive focus on herself and her own emotions, and encourages her to develop self-control, an important discipline for the spiritual life."
Well, well, well. Okay Lord. I hear You loud and clear. Ya see, I've been procrastinating working on this new book which needs quite a bit of research work and bam! I'm back to work as of today and back on track and working through my whining and well, my acting the martyr. I can see I have quite a bit of work to do and this book has given me so much to think about as far as the lives of certain Saints that I would like to read more of. 
So, as usual, He spells it out for me and puts it right in front of my face.  God is so good.

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