Monday, December 10, 2012

What Are You Willing to Risk Going Without Tomorrow

I read somewhere recently in a blog or a magazine or a book (I wish I could remember where so I could give the writer credit), "What if you only had left today what you thanked God for yesterday?" Now I realize that seems pretty obvious. We should be grateful and I believe most of the people I come into contact with during my day would say they are grateful for what they receive each day and for the people in their lives but think about the question on a more literal level. What if we happen to forget for one day to literally get down on our knees or sit on our couch or at our desk or our kitchen table and thank God for our parents or our children or our job or the house we live in or the school we attend, our clothes, our shoes, our mode of transportation, etc. etc? This has really made me pause each day and form sentences of gratefulness to our great God. Personally, I know I have a lot of "stuff" I can do without but there is also much I would never want to lose.
This Advent Season has been and still is one of specific, verbalized thankfulness for the people and the comforts in my life. This challenge, this question of gratefulness should make us stop and think about all we have and all we are willing to lose. I know, I know, God knows we are grateful just as well as we know our children are grateful for all we provide, but don't we think every now and then, every day of this joyful season, we could take the time to say the words? We know how much it means to us to hear those words of thanks for a good dinner or a new pair of shoes. Today and from this day forward, thank Him. Take nothing for granted. Say the words. Don't risk it. Be grateful.

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