Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ugly, Awful, Feet

I truly believe that all we need for our day, to know what to do and how to do it, is Scripture. If we could just read Scripture and follow it, we would be a much better world. Today, I get this message, not just once in the morning meditation from the Magnificat, but a second time as the entrance antiphon. Gosh, talkin about God really wanting me to get the message! 

"How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of the one who brings glad tidings, Announcing peace, bearing good news, announcing salvation."  Isaiah 52:7

Okay, that was weird. I typed this once and it jumped off the page and I had to type in again. Man, okay, I get it already!

Anyway, this morning I was thinking about how completely selfish I have been the past couple of weeks because I have been so incredibly busy and I have had many "things" due for mid-October. The bookstore had to be in 3 different locations in one week, I had to write wording for a couple of different TV commercials, I had a proposal due for a book I am working on, I needed to order contacts for my daughter, get her to her orthodontist appointment, get her to the dentist for some teeth to be pulled, finish up volleyball season with another daughter, I had to schedule dentist and doctor appointments for my son, get hotel rooms for my trips to Lake Barkley, Cleveland and New Orleans, and along with it all, I still had to work at the store and do laundry, cook and help with homework and college applications. I was no fun what so ever! I was really very selfish thinking that I was the only one who had anything to do. I even whined to one of my good friends about how much I had to do. Come on! Hahaha. We can all see the common word in this hoopla. Sounds like one side of the Debate the other night...I, I, I. Then, I get this in my morning meditation and at Mass this morning. "How beautiful...brings glad tidings...peace...good news...salvation." All I see is "how ugly...brings selfishness...I'm too busy...not right now...I'm the only one in the world."

Then, the Scripture message goes even further, "he sent ahead of him in pairs". In pairs! We are not meant to do this alone. This is when we could get caught by the evil one. And I so did. This is when we are apt to be tested...when we try to go it alone...then we are vulnerable. We are meant to be paired up. To go in twos at least. To ask for and receive help. We must get over the "poor pitiful me, I have to do everything myself" and get the help we need. So what if we have to continually ask when we really want others to jump in like they should automatically. So what. So...I made lists and my husband and my mom and my sister helped me get the workshops done and my husband helped call around and get appointments and hotel reservations. (By the way babe, we still need one for New Orleans, if you're reading.) And my kids pitched in and helped unload the van from the workshops and ate whatever I brought home and my son actually cooked for the other kids in my absence and drove others where they needed to be. And, my eldest came in, took a personal day at work, and entertained some out of town guests with my husband, sister, mom and employees at the store. She and my mom really did the wording for the TV commercials. And my two oldest called and listened and sympathized as they usually do for pooooorrrr mom.

Ya see, despite my ugly, awful feet, others helped to bring gladness and peace and good news. I was never alone even when I thought I might be and Scripture is point blank on target in my it is in all our lives if we just open the Book.

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