Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Forest For the Trees

Path thru the Gates
We had a new priest Sunday from the Josephites in New Orleans. May I say, what a delight! Our Parish has been very fortunate in that because our pastor has been on leave for an extended time, we have had visiting priests who have all brought their own flavor to the Mass, of course, including the homily. Some chant, some don't, some speak very good English, some don't, some follow the same way as far as the mechanics, some don't, but they all make us pay close attention for some reason or another and they all wake us from the sometimes regular Mass (although I know no Mass is really "regular"), same voice, same motions, similar lessons we have come accustomed to hearing. And, that has been a beautiful thing, for me at least. Anyway, to the point...

Fr. John opened his homily Sunday with the old saying, "can't see the forest for the trees". He used this to make the point that neither the elders who prophesied with Moses nor John could see that the men who were working outside "their" groups were still doing good. They were so busy nit-picking the fact that they were not "one of them" that they couldn't see the good work happening. This hit me right between the eyes because I had just sat with a small group, each of us bemoaning some nit-picky person or thing in our lives that just wasn't working with us. You know, our way. As the priest spoke, it hit me how important it is to look beyond the person, the place or the thing and see the big picture. For all we know, God has sent us that very occasion as an aide to get us one rung up on the ladder to Heaven. The very person, the very thing in our lives that drives us absolutely out of our minds, could be who or what we should be the most grateful for in such a way that how we handle it or him or her could make for a wonderful spiritual encounter. Hmmm. Something to truly ponder. What is the big picture for me? How can I trim down all those trees and prune away all those branches so as to find a path that will guide me in the right direction? Through the gates? Not necessarily an easy path, but once found and surrendered to, a path to complete happiness.

Unlike the football fans, I've loved our replacements and yet like those fans, I will love having our pastor back.

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  1. I, too, often can't see the forest through the trees. Why can't people just see how I look at the world? Please don't think I really mean that. But I can be a blind nit-picker from time to time.

    I like your comment that God has sent us this occasion to aide us in getting one rung up the ladder. That is probably very true!

    Thanks for the food for thought...