Tuesday, September 4, 2012

You Look So Familiar. Do I Know You?

Using Social Media Tools to Communicate and to Serve
Last week I traveled to Arlington, Texas for the CMN Trade Show, Catholic Writers Conference, and CMNC. What a wonderful opportunity to sit and listen to professionals speak about the importance of social media to our businesses whether we are bookstore owners (brick and mortar as well as on-line), writers or publishers.

I have a habit of thinking that I know people when in reality I have only seen them somewhere or they simply look like someone I know. I can't help it and now neither can my daughter. We actually can be driving down the interstate, halfway to Florida, and she can swear she knows someone in the car next to us. Now come on! Really! But, most of the time, she does know people in the most unlikely places.

As I jumped on board the Trolley outside the Crown Plaza Hotel at 6:30 A.M., heading for Mass at the Arlington Convention Center, I greeted a nice young girl seated in the first seat. I'm thinking, Wow! She looks familiar. Of course she does. We as a family know everyone as does my brother and my parents...ha. She swings around and notices my name tag and says, "I thought I recognized you. You're from St. Mary's Bookstore." "I am. Where are you from?" "I'm from Gallatin but I was in the store last week and I think you found a book for me for the Catechetical program I'm in." "Oh yes! The Craft of Catechesis. I remember." Ahhhh! Great. Someone to hang with a little while I'm a long way from home alone. Seems she was there for the Catholic Writers Conference. I was so fortunate to find her and sit with her during a few sessions of the Catholic Writers Conference and the Catholic Media Conference. What a great time! We both have a lot to learn and the talks were so helpful. Now we just have to put them into practice.

But, here's something else important about the entire week. I recognized so many of the authors, both of books and of blogs. I was in awe of the group of talented people so willing to give of their time and their energy to share with us the importance of what we do as Catholic authors. I realized that people do recognize us because of what we do and what we say. It is very important to understand that we do represent this large Faith Community and we can make a difference in this world. We can bring others to Christ. We are here to serve. And, hey, I do know you. I have read your words, I have bought your products and they have made a difference in my world. I knew you looked familiar.

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  1. Hey Julie!

    God knew that I needed someone to lead me around!! I'm so thankful that we met. Now, for a little business....do you remember that vendor with the really cool jewelry? My daughter's birthday is the 17th and I was wondering if you'd have any of that in by then?