Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Legacy Continues

Today's a big day! My third daughter Margaret is going for registration and orientation at St. Cecilia Academy. Attending SCA is a long standing tradition in our family. My grandmother (Rose Dalton Dortch), her niece (Agnes Eckhardt Nixon), my mother (Jean Drennan Dortch), my two sisters (Jeanne Dortch Rast and Donna Dortch Turner), my sister-in-law and her girls (Mary Jo Luster Dortch, Betsy and Claire, and me and my two older daughters (Beth and Sarah) have all gone to SCA. This Friday, the legacy continues. Off and on for over 100 years, we have been a part of an awesome family, the St. Cecilia Dominican Sisters. We are blessed to have our children taught by this congregation of amazing women who's love for God and complete joy speaks the Gospel message and the love of Jesus Christ. We are excited to have another daughter who will enjoy the fun of Freshman-Senior week, St. Cecilia Day and Father-Daughter Dance. She is very excited to finally begin to experience some of the same traditions she has heard about in many, many stories. So today, the legacy continues and I hope and pray these four years are as memorable and wonderful as the four years I had at St. Cecilia. We are proud of you Margaret!

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