Thursday, July 12, 2012

Images of Mary

I had a customer in the store yesterday (thank God for that, the summer is really slow) and she commented, "You must have all sorts of pictures around your house from the store." And I do have all sorts of pictures and statues and plaques because oftentimes when items get damaged, I take them and repair them and just put them in my home. I told her about this image of Mary with Baby Jesus that is my favorite. It was propped at the top of a staircase and with one nudge descended and broke into 6 large pieces. It is terra cotta, thick and heavy, as you can only imagine, and I love the simplicity. Many tubes of super glue has held this piece together for probably over 20 years. At 24" x 18" it takes up a good amount of space in our entry hall.

This morning as I sat in the Chapel with this image of Mary in my mind, I began to think about the significance of having her in my home, in my life. As often as I pass her each day, as often as I have thought about her handling her life with Jesus and me handling mine with my children, I have never really thought about how often I cling to her with all the scattered pieces of my life. I am all over the place. As a wife, as a mother, as a writer, as a daughter, as a co-worker, I approach life somewhat scattered in pieces. I struggle with keeping it all together. I struggle with trying to do all I do well. I am often frustrated putting the pieces together, running out of the glue so to speak or simply getting myself stuck. I believe the message for me this morning, as I contemplate the image of Mary, is that she is with me regardless. She knows I come to her in pieces. She knows I am all over the place. She knows I am often tired and frustrated and I may only show up when it's all about me. She just does not mind. All she cares about is that I come to her, to her Son. He will make the pieces come together. He will make it all make sense. He will get me unstuck and He will put me back together when it seems most impossible. Today, I hear Mary say to me, just keep showing up, no matter how small a fragment you have to offer. Together we will make all the pieces fit. Together we will find time. Together we will make a difference. Just keep showing up.


  1. Julie - I mailed your basket of New Jerusalem Workshop items yesterday! You should get it in a couple of days.