Monday, June 25, 2012

Tropical Storm No Match for My Sister

As you well know from my previous post, my sister Jeanne is at Disney World with my 6 kids plus 5 nieces and 1 nephew. And as you may well know, tropical storm Debby is pouring rain down on Orlando. So I've been praying for a break for them. Man, they traveled all that way and they have to deal with the rain. You've got to be kidding. However, my sister sent me a text this morning and I quote, "That d@#$ Debby isn't stopping us. It's off to Hollywood Studios with ponchos and umbrellas. No need for sunscreen and gatorade." 7:51 a.m. I feel sorry for little Debby going up against my sister like that!

My sister-in-law sent a message to say that she talked to her girls and they were upbeat despite the weather. Aunt Jeanne was showing them a good time and they were loving the time with family. This all made me think about just exactly what the Camp Counselor was teaching our kids. Being a teacher, she's constantly teaching someone something and that is no exaggeration. But for these four days, amidst these conditions, she is teaching these kids that:

No matter what life throws your way, YOU CAN HANDLE IT. CHANGE your schedule, ADAPT to the conditions, do not let ANYTHING keep you from having a good time and do not for any reason sit around and pout about something you can do nothing about. No one said life was gonna be all SUNSHINE AND ROSES. LEARN how to HANDLE THE STORMS. PUT ON YOUR PONCHO AND KEEP MOVING. I for one, love that my kids are in this situation with her at the helm. She has some kind of amazing energy! And, like I said, I sorta feel sorry for anyone or anything that tries to stand in her way. Move along Debby, my sister's out to show my kids a good time. And my sister rocks!

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