Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Sometimes I sit in Mass and smile at the simplicity of the words. Sometimes I get this large V-8 moment. Sometimes I get both. This morning as the priest spoke on the word simplify, I envisioned the "Life is Good" t-shirt I bought 2 weeks ago with a picture of flip flops and the word "Simplify" beneath. I thought about the morning Collect, of which I had just folded down the page to remember, with the words, "may at your prompting discern what is right, and by your guidance do it." Just listen and do it. I listened as Fr. spoke of Merton's thoughts on simplifying. He reminded us that the Risen Christ dwells deep within each of us. He's there for us. Every one of us. Fr. spoke of the importance of simplifying, of taking 10 minutes each day to be still so that we can bring forth or listen to the One that dwells within us. And, I heard Him say that this is why my parents have passed on the example of daily Mass. As our family goes, we never sit still. We are constantly doing something and if we are sitting, we are planning to do something or thinking about our next move. I have made myself find time to sit and allow Him to come in but the easiest quiet time, the most precious time, the time never disrupted, is this time at daily Mass. I should have had that V-8 long ago but on we journey, not looking at the past. As we ended with, "free us, we pray, from doing evil and lead us to what is right" I thought, how much more simplified can it get. Wear the shirt if we need a reminder, but listen and do it. Spend time with the Risen Christ who dwells within and He will free us and lead us to what is right.

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