Wednesday, June 13, 2012

One vs Four Hundred Fifty

One vs four hundred and fifty. That oftentimes feels like the odds we parents have with our children. By the time they finish telling us just how many of their friends and their friend's parents think that such and such is okay so it should be okay for us too, it can feel like us against the world.

Today, good ol' Elijah takes care of the odds against himself by very simply having the One and Only God on his side. Go ahead. Knock yourselves out. All you prophets call upon Baal to light your fire. Go first. Take your time. And what happens? Nothing. No smoke, no heat, no flame. Ah, but Elijah follows instructions, believes, prays and the good Lord lights his world!

Today, the Feast Day of St. Anthony of Padua reminds us that he was just a regular guy. Joining some Canons of St. Augustine and hiding himself away in a convent for eight years studying scripture and praying, he was one on One. He and God. Never really alone. So when the time came that he was headed out as a missionary and ended up in Italy, joining the Franciscans and being picked by the heads of Dominican and Franciscan orders to preach during an ordination, surprise! unprepared! he was amazing. He was ready. It was he amongst hundreds and many far above him and he nailed it. Well, he and God. As a matter of fact, he was known for having to say Mass outside the church because so many people came to here him preach. He certainly gathered the lost. Well, he and God.

Today, when we may feel like it's just us against the world whether as parents or as people in business or as just plain ol' Christians, let's remember...we are never alone. Read some scripture, pray, know what your partner expects and accepts and go light the world, gather the lost, stand your ground. No matter the numbers, we will be good. Well, us and God.


  1. wonderful post!

    By the way, your book has arrived! I am looking forward to reading and reviewing it.