Thursday, June 7, 2012

On the Move

What a fantastic week I had last week! I'm so glad that my parents handed down the wonderful example of going and of doing and of trying new things. I could be so content staying at home with our kids and just hanging out but it's just not in the genes. We are a people on the move.

Last week I was fortunate to go to the Religious Book Trade Exhibit in St. Charles, IL and buy for the bookstore and meet incredible authors and publishers and sign my new book for the many other book vendors and exhibitors. Signing between Hallie Lord and Mary Sperry was honor enough but then to share a meal with them as well as the president, marketing directors, editors, sales associates and other authors from Our Sunday Visitor was amazing. But, that story is for another time...

On the journey to Oz, I mean St.Charles, my husband and I stopped at The Shrine of Christ's Passion in St. John, IN. I've been meaning to stop for a couple of years. The two men who put the incredible Shrine together and their wives had come into the bookstore several years ago and invited me to come visit. They took pictures of our store to help them with ideas for their own store. Hey, they don't need help! The place is amazing. The gift shop is like a museum.

Frank overheard me mention at the front counter why we had come to visit and he came over and reintroduced himself, then called his partner and his wife to come and visit with us. He told us all about the beginnings of the place and started us off at the Last Supper, the Agony in the Garden and Christ in front of Pilate, then sent us on our way. Wow! Everything was beautiful. From the life size figures to the meditation at each station to the music to the landscape, it was amazing. We had been told about how much clay had been brought in and how the rocks were placed so they looked natural and how the landscape was done with red rose bushes at each station to symbolize the blood of Christ and a yellow rose bush at the Ascension. We had been told about the ginormous Mary statue on the top of the hill near the church. We had been told about the artist for the figures and how he was found and how the crosses were placed. We had been told and yet, to experience the journey with Christ was beyond what words could tell. The details, the compassion and the passion, and the love was the experience. The men who took the time and the effort and the money to build such a place, and then to take hours to share with my husband and I who were just passing through, on the move. Wow!

Again, I thank God for parents who passed on the gift of trying new things and of going. What a day! What a journey! What a week!

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  1. Mary Sperry is a friend of mine! Isn't she wonderful! I'm so glad you got to meet her!