Monday, June 18, 2012

Groundhog Day - The Movie

First and foremost, Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter Sarah!

So, I'm sitting in the Chapel this morning and I realize I should be contemplating forgiveness, lack of revenge, getting past the abuse life tends to send our way, Jezebel, an eye for an eye, but I can't help thinking about Groundhog Day. Ya see, it's early Mass and the attendees are all in the same places they were each day of last week that I went to the early Mass. I mean, same people, same places, same bat station. All I can think is that I'm on the same day, in the same place, with these people, over and over. I have a chance to make this day better or worse than yesterday. What will it be?

As I open my new book, Jesus at My Side (published by Our Sunday Visitor, available at St. Mary's Bookstore or your favorite local bookstore), and read the meditation for today, it fits more with my wandering mind than the Gospel message. Jesus' words that fell on this day are from John, "I performed one work and all of you are amazed because of it." In turn, I challenge, "Jesus tells us that one work, performed completely out of love, is worth more than any long list of tasks. If we were remembered for one thing that we did today, what would it be? What have we done or what can we do to make a difference, to impact a life? We may only have this one chance. Make this day amazing." Groundhog Day...called day after day to make a difference, whether we are in the same case scenario or not. Day after day, opportunities. One work. Can it amaze?

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