Saturday, June 23, 2012

Camp Cousins: No Parents Allowed

Off they go! Five of my children and two of my nieces are headed to pick up their sister (cousin) in Chattanooga and then on to Atlanta where they meet their head counselor (my sister Jeanne) and 4 more cousins. For the past several years as my brother Pat and my sister-in-law Kathy (Robert's wife) and my mom and I have ventured off to the Atlanta Merchandise Mart in July, my sister has done something fun with our children (the beginnings of Camp Cousins). Last year they planned to go to Disney World and today they are on their way. My sister is taking one of her own (from her four), my six, Robert's two and Pat's three to the Magic Kingdom. My older girls are driving one of the cars. They are all so excited! What an awesome aunt!
This reminds me of our trip to Disney Land when we were young. My dad piled all eight of us plus my grandmother into our station wagon, pulling a pop-up trailer, and headed west. What a haul! The youngest turned two half way over. Robert fell out of the pop-up one night and we freaked out the next morning when we couldn't find him. My grandmother and I got lost in Disney World and I had the time of my life not even realizing it was a big deal. Heck I had my grandmother so I figured I was fine until we found my mom and she let loose the tears. Ohhhh we were lost?! I just thought we kept riding the overhead rail thingy because she liked it so much. Or would she not ride it because she was scared of heights? or maybe that's me who is now scared of heights? or maybe this is why I am scared of heights?
Oh well, anyway, as usual, the crazy stories come from these awesome adventures when we are kids and I cannot wait to hear about all the fun! BTW, the lanyards I sent to put their passes on for the park and the hotel have St. Anthony medals attached. Don't want anyone getting lost like I apparently did with Mama Jo. God Bless their way and especially Camp Counselor Dr. Rast!

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  1. I hope they have a wonderful time! And the Atlanta Merchandise Mart sounds fun as well!

    By the way, you won my giveaway of a basket of products from the New Jerusalem Workshop, featuring icons by Charles! Let me know you snail mail address so I can send it off to you!