Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Life can be messy. There are days, even weeks when we can actual say we are glad that this world is our temporary stopping place. We can just be sailing along and wham! something occurs that rocks our week or our month or our lives. And, the most important thing that I see out of people having to "deal with the messiness" is that when this world does knock them around, it does not rock their faith. If anything, they seem to come out stronger. They take the hit, the warning as a shot at a second chance, as the voice from above, as Divine Providence. Whether it's time for us to slow down or to change our eating habits or to exercise a little more or to be gentler people or to just pay attention, a warning is a warning and it's given for a reason. Change! Do the right things, follow instructions, humble yourself, pray, have faith in the warning and switch around your entire life if you have to but for crying out loud take the second chance and change your ways. How wonderful that He is the God of second chances. We know this through our belief in Reconciliation. He loves us through all the mess and if for some reason we cannot see the opportunities He sets before us, He loves us just the same. Oh if we could just love one another as He loves us, this world would be a kinder place. Heed the is messy.

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