Thursday, April 26, 2012

Juggling Life

I cannot think of one parent who does not want their children to have everything that life has to offer. We work long hours or more than one job. We sign them up for multiple events, sports, scouts, play performances, etc. etc. They eat on the run and study in the car. We work while we wait for them or grocery shop between meetings and games. Seems we're all trying to see how many "things" we can keep in the air at the same time. What exactly are we teaching our children about what's important? What exactly are they learning from others in our community?

There is no doubt that now-a-days it seems like we are all just juggling life. We are on the move because new technology has made it simpler to organize and plan on the run. But are we really living? Are we really enjoying all that life has to offer? Or, do we just keep tossing "things" into the air, hoping to stay afloat? Are our children truly happy? What is our life right now all about?

Today in John's Gospel, we hear Jesus speak to the crowd about eternal happiness, the good life forever. He tells us under no uncertain terms that before we even begin to juggle this life, we must believe in Him. Jesus first and all the other "things" in the air just fall into place. Jesus first and all that we do in this life will find order. Our children need to see from us, Jesus first. Our children need to know that all the "stuff" is just that, "stuff". He is the living bread. He is what sustains. He is what nourishes. If we believe, if we eat this Bread, we will have eternal life and all the stress and all the juggling and all the hectic-ness of our lives will be no more. Juggling may be fun for a while, but...

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