Thursday, March 29, 2012

Where Two or Three are Gathered

Last Saturday I exhibited at the Catholic Women of Faith Conference in Franklin, TN. May I say it was another fabulous day of speakers and prayer and togetherness. Every year I know the event coordinator gets concerned that the number of attendees will be lower than previous years. Kinda like having a party and worrying that no one will come and you've wasted all that time and energy and food. But, as usual, when the Holy Spirit is involved, all is well. The day was not just wonderful because of the witness of Tim Staples and Leah Darrow and Deby Schlapprizzi and the music of Tony Melendez but also because of the women who gathered in one place to pray and to listen and to talk and to confess. The building was alive with the love of our great God. From the Mass to the praying of the Divine Mercy Chaplet to Benediction to Confession to the speakers, the whole place was filled with the gifts that can only come from Our Father. I witnessed one young girl sharing her story with Tim, crying tears of joy. I witnessed lines of women longing for forgiveness. I heard the story of a mom with five young children suffering through chemo. I heard the story of a husband and wife clinging to their jobs during these uncertain times. I heard stories of anger and stories of change and stories of fear. I heard about heroes and I heard about saints. Every year I drag boxes and crates of books and gifts through the halls to my tables and take several hours to set up my display. Every year I never know what to expect. Every year I walk away completely satisfied and uplifted. And, every year I am reminded: "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them."

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