Sunday, February 19, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

I have been given the Versatile Blog award by Allison at Rambling Follower. Thank ya thank ya. In return I am to list 7 facts about myself and tell you 15 blogs and websites that I read. So, here goes.

1. After college I coached volleyball and track and assistant coached basketball at my high school.
2. I attended the same high school as my grandmother, mother and sisters and next year my 3rd daughter will start there.
3. I love fresh flowers in the house.
4. I have worked at St. Mary's Bookstore with my mom for 31 years this summer. (most of my life, of course.)
5. I often help publishers decide on covers for new books.
6. When we first started, I punched and bound hundreds of church goods catalogs to send out, collating them around our pool table.
7. I love to cut grass. The hum of the mower clears my mind and I love the smell of fresh cut grass. Can't breathe for days and eyes itch but still...

Websites and Blogs I read and enjoy:
1. Graceful Wonderful writing and photography.
2. The Clay Rosary Lady Talented. Beautiful rosaries. About family and friendship.
3. The Deacon's Bench Good stories. Scripture in life.
4. Karen Edmisten Author
5. Jean Dortch Artist My mom's amazing art.
6. Ask Sister Mary Martha Fun and filled with great info on Saints and the Christian Life.
7. Home in Douglas Great new blog for me. Wonderful sense of humor.
8. Susan DiMickele Working mother. Author.
9. Moon Boat Cafe Peaceful.
10. Booking It Author
11. Thoughts That Move Great prompts for writing.
12. Random Acts of Momness Author, mom
13. Danielle Bean Author, mom
14. Jeff Goins Writer Great writing tips.
15. The Inkwell American Christian Fiction Writers

I hope you enjoy some of these places and again, I am thankful for the award.

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