Thursday, February 23, 2012

Scraping the Bottom of the Jar

As I was getting the last of the peanut butter out of the jar yesterday while making pb&j sandwiches for my children' lunches, I remembered that each time my youngest gets to the end of the jar, she says, "Let's just take this over to Bill and open a new one." Bill is my father who is known by my children for scraping the last of the peanut butter out of the jar until he could literally use it again for something else it's so clean. When you grow up in the times that he did, you know not to waste even the least little bit. You know to get every last crumb out of all you are given and this thought has been rolling around in my head since yesterday.
Oftentimes, I catch myself hearing a Scripture reading or parts of the reading and thinking, "Am I hearing this for the first time? Have I heard this before and just not paid much attention?" As I enter the Lenten Season, I am fortunate to have plenty of choices of reading materials and as I have mentioned, along with Rediscovering Catholicism, I am reading Abandonment to Divine Providence by de Caussade who by the way was the person quoted for the meditation in the Magnificat this morning...alright already! I am reading it! In both books as in the Scripture Readings, I feel that I am reading certain passages and lessons for the first time, even though I know they have been there all my life. I have been raised with the same lessons and yet, somehow when I read them now I feel like they are brand new. Fresh.
Jesus' message is fresh every day. Jesus has so much more for us. We are called to listen. We are called to attend . We are called to scrape the bottom of the jar and get every last morsel. From Him, we learn not to let anything go to waste. We scrape clean only to get refilled. Today, remember not to let a moment go to waste. Listen. Learn. Love. And, after scraping what you think is the bottom, go back and get filled up all over again with something new.