Thursday, February 16, 2012

Link Up: 10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me

Allison over at Rambling Follower is doing a link up about 10 things you probably didn't know about me.

Here goes:
1. I am number 6 of 8 children, the baby girl and my parent's favorite.

2. I was asked to play college ball at Austin Peay, declined, took a year off, tried out for Vanderbilt and didn't make it. Freshman 15 was tough to move up and down the court.

3. As outgoing as I am in most parts of my life, I get extremely nervous talking alone to a crowd and sharing parts of my personal or spiritual life.

4. I traveled to Medjugorje, Rome and Florence with my mother. Made her ride the train 2nd class from Rome to Florence and had to stand between the cars the entire ride. She's never let me make the travel plans again.

5. I'm a complete book nerd, oftentimes visiting a bookstore on my way home from working in ours all day. Visit bookstores in every city I visit.

6. I backpacked through Europe when I graduated from college with a younger guy I have known most of my life (just travel partners). Even took a boat over to Greece, saw the Passion Play in Oberammagau and shook hands with Pope John Paul II.

7. I have a huge itch to go visit Guadalupe. Can't get it off my mind.

8. I killed my sister's goldfish when I drop him on the floor after he wiggled out of my hands and he rushed down the floor vent. I got him out and he lived a few days but the dust in the gills was just too much I guess. She's still mad and we were 8 and 9 or something like that.

9. I met my husband on New Years and he asked me to marry him on Easter.

10. I spent the day today in the downtown library. Took myself on a field trip and had one of the best days ever and got quite a bit of work done.

Now your turn. Link up with Allison


  1. Julie: So impressed about the basketball. And that goldfish story - your sister still fuming?! Too funny.

  2. Ha! 4 and 8 cracked me up. MY son had 3 goldfish. All 3 died, but after the 2nd one died we just replaced him. He called him "Tom" my husband and I called them "Tominator !" and "Tominator II". Yes we lied to my child. :)

  3. Re: #8 - "Dust In The Gills" sounds like a Kansas song. For goldfish.
    Re: #9 - Not unlike the Paula and Charles story!

    I am enjoying your blog! Thanks for following Home in Douglas! I am a new follower of yours!

  4. BTW - you are my 44th follower and I am your 44th follower! If I were a Presbyterian, I would say it was meant to be!

  5. Virginia, Our County Fair goldfish never really lasted very long but my sister had this one over a year I think.
    Paula, Thanks for joining. I tried to change that word following but I can't seem to get it off there without zapping the list. Followers just sounds odd to me.

  6. Allison, As always, thanks for draggin' me along!

  7. Any time!

    I am happy my bloggyfriends are getting to know one another!