Thursday, February 2, 2012

Learning From the Elders

I make no qualms about the fact that all I have are hand me downs. I guess, so to speak, it's what most of us have. Maybe not so much in the way of clothes and shoes, but in the way of spiritual gifts, wisdom and understanding. You know, the things that really matter. Today, I took the time to sit on a "panel" with 4 other women and answer questions about life as a wife and a mother and a woman of faith. Every time I do something like that I think afterwards, man I wished I had said... And, today is no different. For one thing I wished I had plugged my blog and my new book coming from Our Sunday Visitor end of March. But, spiritually, I wished I had plugged the importance of stressing to our children about praying for their needs. I was so careful to ask the Holy Spirit not to let me say anything embarrassing that I forgot to ask Him to make sure I said something intelligent. Now I'm home and I'm wishing I had said more about the importance of being an example to all our children and not just our own, the importance of teaching children to be kind to one another and to their elders and the importance of raising children strong in the faith. The elders at the table and even the one or two women younger than me passed on the importance of a good relationship with our spouses so that our children know how to have healthy relationships. They spoke about enjoying marriage and children and taking time with each child on an individual basis. They shared how to dig deeper in our busy lives for what really matters. They were filled with joy. If I said that in front of my 10 year old, she would blurt out "JOY - Jesus others you".
Today, on this Feast of the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple, I am reminded that my mother once told me that she would stop by the Chapel with one child at a time and at some point present each one of us to the Lord. I am reminded that our elders oftentimes recognize what needs to be said and done and they say it and they do it.
Today may I learn to present myself more clearly. May I learn to present to the Lord all that is in my life. May I learn from my elders and their great wisdom and their unselfish ways. Lord thank You for putting me in the right company, learning from the elders, sitting in the temple.


  1. This is so beautiful. Please tell me more about your upcoming book. I would love to review it on my blog. Blessings.

  2. Thank you Allison. I will definitely let you know. It is a 365 day meditation, Jesus at My Side.