Friday, February 17, 2012

Downtown Public Library

Yesterday I took a field trip. Yep, you heard me right, a field trip. I packed my little net book and my folder which is stuffed full of work and headed off to the Downtown Nashville Public Library. What an amazing place! Three floors of books and art and archives!
I parked in the lot attached and walked up the escalator and immediately came face to face with a security guard. Typical for me. I asked him which way to the entrance and he pointed saying, "First time? Are you from here?" "Yes and yes! I've just not gotten down here since it's been built."(ashamed to say 2001) "Well have fun." "Thanks."
I went straight to the information desk and admitted it was my first visit and she informed me where to find a good spot to read. Of course, the Grand Reading Room. I toured the place first. Went right up to non-fiction and looked up my name so I could see my book on the shelf. Just had to! The front cover of course is laminated and it's so thick it could be a hardback. Made me think I may laminate my own.
The Tennessee Room with all the wonderful displays of history was my favorite but the children's area with the massive Theatre and Craft Room had to be a close second. I snuggled into the Tennessee Room under a large original oil of the Tennessee Festival of Books(I have a print in my play room.) While I worked, a couple of classes from area schools came through for a tour. Precious young ones with eyes and ears wide open. I got a lot accomplished, thank goodness, and headed downstairs to Panera for lunch. The restaurant is attached to the library and they have daily librarian specials. How cute is that? The people there were as overly pleasant as those in the library. I started reading Marge Fenelon's book "Strengthening Your Family" and didn't really want to put it down to go back to work.
After lunch, I landed in the Grand Reading Room where there were a few more distractions due to the large # of homeless guys occupying the space. Of course the place is massive and there is room for all. They were reading away and using the computers. Before I left there was just one guy who couldn't stop yapping out loud, but hey, it's public! If I ever wonder where they all hang during the day, I now know. Most of them were relatively clean and like I said, just reading. Anyway, I got a ton of work done and told my husband that if I could just do that for a week straight, I could actually finish this next project. (Not a chance.)
So, today it was back to reality but I truly enjoyed my field trip and am ready to plan another. I don't see any other way to finish some of this work if I expect to do it at home with the nine million distractions like laundry and drywall patching and cleaning. Yes, I think this idea from Julia Cameron that I read years ago might just be the ticket!

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  1. How fun! I love libraries and the way they are set up now, with cafes etc. is just great.