Thursday, January 26, 2012

Take Me with You

On this memorial of Sts. Timothy and Titus I am struck by the words from the Magnificat that tie together a very important message for us all. Who are we hanging around and can we ride their coat tails to the pearly gates or they ours? Look around and see who's in your crowd. "St. Paul was so powerful and attractive a personality that he was able to draw such different types of men as Luke, Timothy and Titus, and to make them his collaborators." Hang on to Paul because he'd be glad to drag you along, but there is much work to be done walking with him as he works for Christ.
In the meditation from St. Teresa of Avila - "For God does not deny himself to anyone who perseveres. If beginners with the assistance of God struggle to reach the summit of perfection, I believe they will never go to heaven alone; they will always lead many people along after them. Like good captains they will give whoever marches in their company to God." Worth the struggle! All I could think was, SOMEONE take me with you. As I sat reading this in Mass, one of the deacons sat down next to me and said, "Good morning." Okay, good company. Then, a young mom who's oldest daughter will be going with my daughter to the same high school next year patted my shoulder and said, "Morning Julie." Ahhhh, more good company. And, a co-worker walked down and sat a few pews ahead of me as well as several others I see around the church quite often. I will have to hang around there more often because surely someone here will "lead me along after them."
My thought is that as parents, as co-workers, as people bound by a common community, we impact one another. It's as simple as that. We make a positive or a negative impact on one another by our words or our actions or our lack of either or both. I believe the challenge for us today is the same it was for Titus and Timothy and is what St. Teresa is talking about and that is, either be the person who brings others to Christ or hang around one who's going to bring you to Him. Because, as we all know, this world is passing and if we don't associate ourselves with the right people or work hard to change the one's we're around, when the sickle wields or when the good captain calls the troops, we may not land in the place we favor. Something to seriously think about. Am I leading others to Christ and if I'm not, am I hanging around someone who will lead me?

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