Monday, January 23, 2012

Plain Ol' Fun

This past weekend I took three eighth graders and two fourth graders to see Beauty and the Beast 3D. Lemme just say that I cannot wait for the new Dr. Seuss Movie in 3D. But, this was pure and simple fun for me. The type of fun I used to have when my family and the O'Rourke family all crammed into our station wagon and my mom paid for a carload at the drive-in (which by the way was in our neighborhood...those were the days). Because of the expense of going to the movies, I rarely go but when I do I remember just how much I love the big screen. Of course, it never hurts to sit next to two fourth graders who reach out to try to touch objects coming off the screen and who ooooo and aaaaahhhh over everything. Sitting there, I remembered how many tons of times my mom took us to the drive-in and the Belcourt and the Belle Meade Theatres. It was plain ol' fun back then and it's still plain ol' fun.
Beauty and the Beast is all about seeing others for who they really are and not how they look or how they act. I love sharing that with these girls. Both ages need to hear that right now and both ages "get it". Wouldn't hurt to have a few more Belles in this world. Wouldn't hurt to have the adventures of the castle. And, it just never hurts to have a weekend of plain ol' fun. We had that all my life when I was growing up and I need to remember to pass that on to my kids and their friends. Simple lessons and good fun.

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