Tuesday, December 20, 2011

C.a.m.e.l - Not Just For The Kings

I've never really thought much about camels before yesterday. Now, I can't quite get them out of my mind. A couple, who I met last year, came into the bookstore yesterday to add pieces to a nativity set and shared with me a family tradition. They have a very large camel (about knee high or more) who stands with a leg relaxed back, head cocked and a large smile upon his face despite the huge burden upon his back. They shared that their family members each give a symposium on a subject around the camel and the best work, wins the camel. The acronym they shared for c.a.m.e.l is Calling All Members to Enjoy Life. As I wrapped their gift, I could not get the image of the smiling camel bearing the huge burden out of my mind. They shared that subjects have been chosen such as marriage and family and work, etc. as in despite any of the huge burdens that may surround our relationships, our lives, our journeys, do we somehow smile and find a way to enjoy life? I will never look at another camel in quite the same way. I can envision the camels (skinny legs and knobby knees) wearing that smile while carrying the Kings with their gifts in all their heavy clothing. And all I could ask myself is How Do I Bear Life's Burdens? Are they truly burdens? Do I smile when I am tired or when I am stressed or when I have what I feel is the weight of the world on me or do I allow others to feel sorry for me? Or worse, do I want them to know I bear the weight so they will be concerned about me? Today, I am Calling All Members to Enjoy Life! Bear burdens with a smile. Take on the weight of your difficulties with grace and humility. People in this world need strong examples of perseverance. Take the challenge. Enjoy life. Everyone wants to be king. Let's get over ourselves. Be the Camel.
Thank you Dr. and Mrs. Donahue www.messengersindenim.org

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