Thursday, November 24, 2011

Passed Down

I believe that in every kitchen this morning celebrating Thanksgiving Day, there is at least one recipe being used that has been passed down from a previous generation. I know that my nephews and niece in Atlanta who cannot make it to our dinner have called for my mother's dressing recipe as well as my brother Pat and his family in North Carolina. I think it rather cool that we will be sharing the same meal so to speak despite the fact we cannot be at the same table. I personally am assigned my grandmother's corn pudding each year. I think about her so many times during the year when certain incidences occur that I know she would have a comment for or a tidbit of wisdom to offer but while putting together her recipe, I think about our times together every step of the way. Well, unless I'm sidetracked by a child or a time crunch. But, the point here is that I hope all of us who use recipes on this wonderful day or celebrate a certain family tradition, pause and enjoy a memory or two from the person or persons from which it was passed down. From the First Thanksgiving to the one we celebrate today, may we be grateful for and may we share a little of all that has been given. God Bless us all. Happy Thanksgiving!

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