Friday, October 14, 2011

St. Augustine said

Our homily today was on this brilliant statement by St. Augustine:

"Trust the past to God's mercy, the present to God's love and the future to God's providence."

Now if I could just live as if all the junk from the past has been forgiven and God is in control of all that is to come, so for today all I have to do is live in His Infinite Love and in return pass that on to others. Wow, our God is good.

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  1. I think I was of a mind that although I knew God had forgiven my past sins, I hadn't forgiven myself. I didn't know this, but some thoughts of past failings occasionally interrupted my prayers, and so last week I made a general re-confession of sins of my past, that still hung on my mind.

    I found it to be a most refreshing thing, not only to ask God's forgiveness again -- perhaps in a more reflective mind than when I first confessed -- but also to speak aloud that I had not forgiven myself, and now I wanted to.

    Thank you for the reminder of Augustine's words.