Thursday, October 6, 2011

Careful, People Do Read These

I sat last week in our church between my daughter and my friend Ellen at the funeral of one amazing man. My friend Ellen leaned over and told me how much she enjoys my blogs. I thanked her thinking to myself, ahhh! a reader. How nice! A family filed into the pew in front of us and as the boy knelt I leaned over to Ellen and pointing to the back of his suit coat simply said, "Clip that." The young man had left the white thread that held together the slit on the lower part of the back of his navy jacket and from further review I noticed the large paper tag was still on one sleeve. Ellen leaned back and simply said, "Just keep your eyes down." Okay! Okay! I had just posted about curbing curiosity and not lifting my eyes except to help another or to ask for help. Touche! I'd like to say that I was trying to help but really I was wondering how no one in that family had noticed the thread and the tag! I smiled and thought immediately how we who write or even sometimes just speak truly put ourselves out there and how we have to be careful to practice what we preach or at least try to practice. I loved that Ellen reminded me of my own words and what I had said I was going to work on for my own spiritual growth. So, I say to all who write or teach or parent or preach, "be careful", people really do listen and read and take notice and expect.

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