Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Magazine

As I've mentioned before, I have started using the Magnificat for my morning readings and meditations which include the Mass and evening prayer. I absolutely love it but I have to admit that when I jumped on facebook and saw the post for our Bookstore with the quote from our new daily magazine, Give Us This Day by Liturgical Press, I was deeply moved and am tempted to use both meditations each day. I love that my daughter posted this:

‎"It really should come as no surprise that when we celebrate the birth of Mary we find ourselves contemplating the birth of the Son. Here again Mary, the mother of Jesus, becomes our model for discipleship. A question to ponder on this feast of Mary's birth: When people look at me, as when they look at Mary, do they see Jesus?"

-Father Anthony Oelrich (from today's "Reflection" in "Give Us This Day" Sept. 2011)


  1. wow, that's awesome. Now I wish that would have been on my blog today too!

  2. Shows what a wonderful person you have raised.

  3. I am tempted to subscribe, but one of the mailings seemed to indicate that the issue featured a ceremony for "Communion outside Mass." I believe that the tendency of the Church is to allow such a ceremony where there might be a shortage of priests, but that there is the danger that such ceremonies might be used too often, and give the impression that this is similar to Mass when there is a great difference. Why have such a ceremony printed--if, in fact, it is in the issue--when it is NOT to be normative or held regularly.

  4. Of course I use this booklet for daily prayer. There is morning prayer, the Mass and evening prayer for each day of the month with reflections. I do not see anything about a ceremony for Communion outside Mass.