Thursday, September 8, 2011

Morning at the Motherhouse

Got a call yesterday from a sweet young Dominican Sister of St. Cecilia who asked if I could help her find a crucifix for the wall behind the desk in the Motherhouse infirmary. She thought maybe she could even take some samples and test them on the wall to see which would suit the space better. I had no problem with any of that. She then proceeded to offer that I may even come see the space for myself and help her with the decision. (Ohhh those sisters!) I told her that I really needed to come visit my 8th grade teacher anyway so I could come out if she got it all authorized by Mother. She returned the call in an instant and all was set for me to go this morning. Well, let's not waste any time!
I can not express how grateful I am to Sr. Anne Francis for getting me over their to visit and to talk. First, I grabbed a crucifix we had at the store even though I knew it would be too small but thought it would help us with coloring. Come to find out that the infirmary is named for St. Martin de Porres (Lima, Peru) and the crucifix that I happened to grab was..... yes, made in and imported from Peru. It was perfect all the way around. Second, I had an amazing visit with my 8th grade teacher, Sr. Diane, for quite a while before she was taken to a small birthday party for Our Blessed Mother with cake and ice cream. I think she was a bit disappointed that the ice cream would be vanilla and not chocolate. Goodness gracious I gave that poor sister a fit in 8th grade and she still loves me unconditionally. God Bless her! And lastly, on the way out, I was able to duck into their beautiful chapel and they were having Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. Could it get any better? And, all because this young sister suggested I spend a little time on my only day off helping her and visiting with an old friend. Again, may I just say, I am grateful for her and these God-incidences in my life.
Today, on her birthday, may Our Lady hold us all in Her mantle and bring us closer to Her Son.

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