Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday

Yesterday was my mother's birthday and as much as I wanted to post about it yesterday, I didn't. So, I say, "Better late than never."
If I had to sum up my mother in one word, I think it would be the word "relationships". Seems my mom is all about relationships and has been since as far back as I can remember and even before that. Jean, mom, Nona, Mimi, Mrs. Dortch or Aunt Jean was the oldest of 3 children, always saying she had much to do with the raising of her younger brothers Joe and Billy Drennan. From the start her life was filled with family. Her mother and aunts gathered in the kitchen all day discussing and preparing meals, mending socks and crocheting. Her father was known for bringing home others who may need a place to stay or a meal or just people to talk to and it seemed an uncle or grandparents or someone always lived in their house (not uncommon during the depression). Her memories of the past are always told with love and laughter and are filled with she or her family's relationships to or with others. I remember visiting Uncle Joe and Aunt Nina and Uncle George and Buster and Audry and so on and so on. My point here is that I have learned this from my 51 years with this chic...relationships matter. Our relationship with God and with our spouses and our children and our co-workers and our siblings and extended family and our teachers and our church and school community and our friends both past and present really matters. All the other stuff is just that...stuff. How we relate to one another and deal with each other builds up the Kingdom of God.
So, on this day after my mom's birthday, let us all think about our relationships. She'll tell ya...first and foremost build that relationship with God and all other relationships and even the other stuff will fall right into place. Trust my mom. She knows. She's come a long way baby and just as is this message, building or mending relationships is better late than never.

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