Monday, September 26, 2011

Canned, Frozen or Made from Scratch

Yesterday I received this picture from my oldest daughter who is living with #2 daughter. The caption read, "This is what Sarah snuck into the basket at the grocery!! Hahaha." It really got me thinking about how these children are raised in the same house with the same parents and yet, they seem to turn out completely different from one another. Well, not completely. But while one can be adamant about putting together a real meal, the other can be satisfied with a simple can of Spaghettios. As I looked closely at the cans, I did see the word ORIGINAL on each can and I do agree with that...they are, each and every one, original. I definitely can agree that some are my children are all about made from scratch. Each and every aspect has to be fresh and new, seasoned well and cooked to perfection. Then, there's frozen. Doesn't care about much. Needs time to defrost slowly and would prefer not to be nuked to be brought back to room temperature. Once they come around they are seasoned just as well as if they started out fresh. Last, there's canned. Ready to go. Easy going and with or without the meatballs, prepared very well. Does the job even though has not taken as long to prepare. I believe this is pretty much the way God's made His children. Each and every one of us a little different in flavor and taste. Although we may move at a different pace, we each have our talents and our contributions to this life. We add our own spices. We may even seem bland to others in comparison but we are all a part of one big happy family whether canned, frozen or made from scratch. And mostly, we are all originals.

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  1. I find myself smiling while reading your posts. I like the way you think and even more so the way you write!