Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Have Become Fully Aware...

that I could never have gotten this far along in life if I had not had these kids. Oh sure, I could have survived but I would have just been a mess all the time. For instance, I never would be capable of getting myself dressed and if I did, my clothes would not match or they would be out of style. My shoes too would NOT go with the outfit and the accessories, if I dared to attempt, would be completely wrong. My purse would be the wrong color and there would be no way it would be in season. Without my kids, the calendar on the wall would just contain the days and not include the lists of doctor and dentist appointments as well as practices and birthdays and invitations. Besides the fact that I would never even remember to look at what needs done in a day if these kids did not remind me. There would be no one to tell me the laundry needs done or what's in the washer needs dried for an event the next day or that certain items need pulled out and not dried all the way. How would I have made it in this life? No one would tell me that they were embarrassed by my behavior and that I should not say anything to their teachers or their friends or ever speak to someone of the opposite sex with the exception of their father. What would I be thinking? No one would direct my path as to what to read or what to write. I would never even know how to turn on a computer or change the TV to HD. I never realized how clueless I could be before I had these kids. Thank You God for giving me someone to dress me and to check on me in the shower and to watch what I say in public. Thank You for these wise little ones who keep me going in this world in which evidently I know nothing. Thank You for sending them to save me from myself. And, thank You for allowing me to become fully aware that I would never make it without their guidance. Today and every day, I thank You for these kids.


  1. Hard to tell if this post is sarcastic or heart felt. Or maybe both. I feel it both ways in my own life!

    Where would I be without my blessings? It is impossible to imagine my life without our sons.

  2. A little humor and a lot of love. I too am grateful for my blessings.
    Agree. Impossible to imagine life without them.