Thursday, August 18, 2011

Here I Am Lord

As we repeated the Responsorial Psalm today, "Here I am Lord, I come to do Your will", Fr. used the opportunity to touch on the importance of answering the call, the call of our vocations, the call to follow His will for us and the call to answer His invitation. Passed down to me from my parents and from their parents and from my siblings are the examples and the teachings of answering the call, of responding to those in need, of being my best self, of rising to the occasion, of following His will. I can only hope that in my daily walk, I do a little of a lot of what He calls me to do. I can only hope and pray that in this short life I have, and will, respond well to the opportunities, to the needs, to the call. As I have said before, my mom always has awesome displays at our bookstore. The picture here is a tiny example of her being perfectly in sinc with the scripture readings while catching the eye of the customer. As I have struggled this year to discover, What next Lord?, I have become keenly aware of those around me who are constant, who never set down the receiver, who wake every day to follow His will (whether they are fully aware or not). In the meantime, I remain open. I remain willing. I remain in awe.

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